Workshop Recap: Culture Trumps Everything

  Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky was in Austin and conducted 3 workshops for Vistage members last week. His talks are on Culture and Gen Y. We get the culture we deserve and anything that influences behavior impacts the culture of the organization. My 3 Take-Aways Create focus for your business with a cause If you don’tContinue reading “Workshop Recap: Culture Trumps Everything”

Accountability and Tracking Employee Performance

Are you measuring what matters most? Does “what we tolerate become policy” sound familiar?   Greg Bustin, Dallas based Vistage speaker was in Austin yesterday and breaks it down into 5 leadership behaviors. Clear common goals – This is where we are and this is where we want to go. Gathering your team together andContinue reading “Accountability and Tracking Employee Performance”

Are you creating change enablers?

Wondering if creating change enablers is a good thing? Read on. I recently received a Forbes article that got me thinking as we lead up to this week’s speaker about culture, leadership and a people-centric organization. I am sure this Wednesday’s speaker Ann Rhodes would be happy to see “Create a network of change enablers”Continue reading “Are you creating change enablers?”