Make Time to Reflect on Leadership Qualities for Small Business Results

Just over 5 years ago, Dr. Sunnie Giles shared her thoughts on leadership competencies via her HBR article, The Most Important Leadership Competencies, According to Leaders Around the World. Since most businesses are moving from defense to offense, I thought her article’s content was worth revisiting as we reopen our offices, return to water coolersContinue reading “Make Time to Reflect on Leadership Qualities for Small Business Results”

2017 Leadership Series – 2017-02 “CEO TOOLS & ANALYSIS”

It’s a new year, JANUARY 19TH, want to become reflective for 7 minutes? As the CEO, President, or Business Owner… The Atlanta Journal-Constitution asked 11 experts to grade Coca-Cola Chairman and CEO Doug Daft on several different topics using a 4.0 scale (A=4.0, F=0.0). The following worksheet was adapted from that article and includes their questions andContinue reading “2017 Leadership Series – 2017-02 “CEO TOOLS & ANALYSIS””