Learning Leadership 2017_04 The Five Fundamentals

Learning Leadership – The Five Fundamentals                                       By James Kouzes, Barry Posner Steve Brody, Houston Master Chair has noted in bold suggested questions from the authors to turn these ideas into practical exercises & coaching conversations. My thoughts will look like this..; The Five Fundamental Areas include: Believe you can Aspire to excel ChallengeContinue reading “Learning Leadership 2017_04 The Five Fundamentals”

2017 Leadership Series – 2017-02 “CEO TOOLS & ANALYSIS”

It’s a new year, JANUARY 19TH, want to become reflective for 7 minutes? As the CEO, President, or Business Owner… The Atlanta Journal-Constitution asked 11 experts to grade Coca-Cola Chairman and CEO Doug Daft on several different topics using a 4.0 scale (A=4.0, F=0.0). The following worksheet was adapted from that article and includes their questions andContinue reading “2017 Leadership Series – 2017-02 “CEO TOOLS & ANALYSIS””

2017 Leadership Series – 2017-01

Entrepreneurs and Small to Mid Size Business Owners Welcome to 2017 It is my goal to bring you once every 2 weeks an article that will assist you in becoming a better leader, making better decisions and hopefully provide you a better balance between business commitments, personal relationships and your spiritual walk. 2017- January 12Continue reading “2017 Leadership Series – 2017-01”