Leadership Development Programs by Vistage

VistageAustin is expanding their Leadership Development Programs:

  • Advanced Leaders – Contact Dick Sanger (dick.sanger@vistagechair.com) and Randy Targhetta (randy.targhetta@vistagechair.com) for more information
  • Emerging Leaders – Master Chair Bill LaRosa (bill.larosa@vistagechair.com) is in his 3rd year. See below as one example of how the Vistage’s LDP’s will develop your key employees
  • Vistage Inside – Select your own competencies (3 to 6) the 1st year from our 12 leadership competencies.

The Emerging Leader Program is in it’s 3rd year with Austin’s next class starting February 9, 2023, for up to 30 invited rising stars and/or senior executives.

Trusted Advisors group

Customer focus, emotional intelligence, performance management, and communication are just some of the emerging leader topics covered in this series.

This program is designed for Austin small business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, healthcare/hospitals managers, individual contributors from our growing Fortune 1000 and family-owned enterprises, all needing to prepare you or your rising stars in becoming your next generation of senior leadership.

Under the guidance of Vistage Master Chair, Bill LaRosa, (bill.larosa@vistagechair.com) participants over a 2-year track develop the core leadership competencies and confidence, empowering them to deliver on company goals.

Benefits to emerging leaders, training in 12 leadership competencies, career advancement, and networking.

Questions? Talking with Ed can help shed more light on the benefits.

Focused mastery for developing leadership skills

Unlike other leadership programs that squeeze material into a few back-to-back days and leave implementation at risk, Vistage emerging leaders focus on one topic at a time to encourage mastery. Participants will be challenged to take the next step in their careers within your company, rather than seek outside opportunities. Develop a proven team of senior leaders equipped to take your company to the next level.

High-potential employees tend to know their potential and will move on to another organization if they are not recognized, motivated, and challenged.

Association for Talent Development

The up front cost is $5,100 per participant per year for two years, with six meetings a year from 8am to 430pm. That’s a little over $400 per month.

Ask yourself – Are you less than willing to spend less than $20 a day for one of your key employees to develop and keep him or her engaged and focused on being the best the or she can be?

The day will consist of a morning “content expert” workshop with the afternoon focused on the morning content as we move into small breakout groups, taking a deeper dive into your personal value add and take-aways.

Better leaders make better decisions

Since smart people want to be around smart people, this training is for A players, those individuals that want to make a difference in becoming better leaders, making better decisions. I will ask each of you to be the mentor or designate a mentor for your mentee.

Simply adding a star performer to a team boosts the effectiveness of other team members by 5-15%.

— Harvard Business Review —

Emerging Leader – Topics:

Emerging Leader members will receive training in 12 core leadership competencies over a two-year period. The topics will span Personal, Interpersonal, Team, and Organizational leadership.


Leadership Assessment | Leadership Style | Personal Growth | Stress Management

Identify your strong suits and blind spots in order to develop a management style that maximizes your impact and reflects your unique personality. See yourself and others in a new way that will accelerate your effectiveness in communication and bring out your highest potential.


Focus | Results-Orientation | Time Management | Productivity

Develop excellence in execution by learning how to effectively link people, strategy and operating plans together while navigating through the complexity that can derail your plans. Cultivate habits that support, rather than hinder, your concentration and productivity.


Meaningful Conversations | Presentation Skills | Motivating Others

Enhance your influence by projecting confidence and articulating a clear leadership point of view for maximum impact. Confidently motivate others to accomplish your company’s goals.

Performance Management

Performance Reviews | Mentoring | Goal Setting | Conflict Resolution

Learn to recognize the potential in others, match talent to task, define and align performance goals, and handle difficult management situations with greater certainty.

Team Management

Building Effective Teams | Delegation | Empowerment | Meeting Facilitation

Gain a broader understanding of team dynamics, managerial best practices and the role of the manager. Learn the principles that will motivate employees, strengthen trust, and build a cohesive and constructive team.

Business Finance

Financial Objectives | Key Metrics & Ratios | Financial Drivers | Key Performance Indicators

Understand the key metrics and financial drivers for your business. Learn new ways to think about strategy and how to communicate financial objectives more clearly with financial professionals. Learn how to track leading and lagging indicators as KPIs.

Executive Presence

Credibility | Authenticity | Clarity | Professional Influence

Learn to align your body language and word choice to articulate the greatest clarity of message and degree of influence. Identify your natural tendencies that distract from your message and obtain greater vocal variation, power and authenticity to enhance your leadership standing.

Personal Accountability

Resilience | Courage | Ownership Mentality | Efficacy

Identify victim thinking and adopt strategies for developing a personal accountability formula for success. Learn to communicate more effectively with internal and external clients in order to demonstrate professionalism, reliability, courage, and dedication to your work and to the people around you.

Emotional Intelligence

EQ vs. IQ | Empathy | Listening Skills | Adaptability

Finding success in leadership requires emotional intelligence, and the higher you go in an organization, the more it matters. Learn techniques, strategies and an action plan to develop the emotional intelligence necessary to achieve maximum personal and business results.

Change Management

Leading through Change | Continuous Improvement

Learn the stages of concern that individuals experience when dealing with change and the reason why people resist change. Gain the tools needed to help make change comfortable or even exciting for your team.

Business Strategy

Vision | Design Thinking | Innovation | Strategic Planning

Learn to identify company strengths and weaknesses, evaluate competitive threats and opportunities, and develop sustainable competitive advantages. Understand the importance of strategic positioning and building a learning culture within your organization.

Customer Focus

Customer-centric Approach | Sales Management | Brand Ambassadorship | Customer Service

Identify steps to improve customer satisfaction by seeing your business through the eyes of your customers. Learn how to increase brand loyalty by embracing a customer-centric approach in the design of your business processes.

So again let’s connect and see if we can make a difference in raising your brand awareness and retaining our top talent in Austin, Texas.