Austin Business Owners, Presidents and CEOs

Joel Trammell, Austinite, Author, seasoned CEO and entrepreneur is Vistage Worldwide’s Keynote speaker at our Central Texas Vistage Executive Summit April 26 at the AT&T Conference Center.

We are expecting 200 members and we have set aside a few seats for guests. If you are interested in being considered for one of our 15 CEO, president or owner peer groups in Central Texas, the quickest way to reserve a seat is to call our Membership Director Michael Schwartz 858-353-0734.

You can check the agenda below to get an idea of the impact you can get from this single-day event — quality workshop sessions, a keynote localized for Austin-based businesses, and even an opportunity to experience how we process a member’s issue.

To reserve your seat, please contact our Membership Director to get started.

Keynote presentation:

Joel will focus on the 5 questions that he is asked over and over again.

  1. How do I hold my people accountable?
  2. How should I communicate to my team?
  3. How do I build a great culture?
  4. How do I find great people?
  5. How do I make good decisions?

Here’s the agenda for Apr 26:

7:15 a.m. Registration opens

7:45 a.m. Breakfast Sessions

  • From Strategy to Execution: A Framework for Reaching Objectives
  • Discover the Hidden Gold in Your Business
  • Banking Through an Inflationary Period
  • Vistage Talent Strategies Network Discussion: The Purpose of Place and the Power of People

9:00 a.m. General Session | Connor Lokar, ITR Economics from Manchester, NH The climb ahead

10:35 a.m. Break | Marketplace

11:05 a.m. General Session

Anne Petrik, Director of Research for Vistage Worldwide based out of San Diego CEO Projections 2022: Embrace the revolution

11:45 a.m. General Session | Connection activity

12:30 p.m. Lunch Sessions

  • People Are Not Algorithms
  • Strategies for Maximizing Your Business Value
  • Clarity + Control = Breakthrough
  • The Business Owner’s Dilemma

1:40 p.m. General Session | Keynote Speaker Joel Trammell, Austinite, Author and Entrepreneur The five big questions

3:30 p.m. Reception

Immerse yourself in leadership best practices:

If you’re ready to register, you’ll need to contact our Membership Director because space is limited, and you’ll be attending as my guest.

Michael Schwartz,
Membership Director

I’ve been chairing Vistage groups since 2006, and although my groups are full, you can also call me 512-422-6232. Both Michael and I are looking forward to meeting you.

Thank you for your interest in wanting to be the best you can be.

So you want to be your own boss?

If you own your own business, you know how hard you have to work to keep it running smoothly and growing steadily. You also understand what it’s like to struggle through difficult times. However, you may not realize that you may be doing things that can easily derail your business. Ed Stillman invites you to explore the article below to learn about what not to do if your business is to be successful.

Missing Skills

You can quickly derail your business if you lack the skills you need to run it. Maybe you have no idea how to make a budget or do the necessary bookkeeping. Perhaps your customer service skills are weak or your business lacks focus and organization. You can learn what you need to by taking some business classes either online or at a local community college in Austin, Texas.

Unwillingness To Learn and Grow

You must be willing to learn and grow in your business. If you aren’t, you can easily sabotage yourself and your company. In fact, even if you have most of the skills you need for your current business, it’s still a good idea to strive to improve yourself and invest in some further education. Consider enrolling in an MBA program to take your knowledge of leadership, management, and business strategies to the next level. Continual learning is part of running a business, so be open to that.

Inability To Take Advice

You may also find yourself unable to take advice, and this, too, can be a problem for your company. Sometimes people just know more than you do about various areas of your business, so listen to them, and try their suggestions. Gather your employees for regular brainstorming sessions, and listen to their ideas and concerns. Also, meet with other business owners, and share your struggles. Some of them may have experienced similar issues and may be able to give you excellent advice about overcoming them. Give it a try.

Lack of Commitment

Your business can suffer from your lack of commitment. Perhaps you simply don’t have the focus to do everything it takes to run a business. Maybe you get distracted easily and prefer to follow other pursuits than put in the time and effort it takes to make your company successful. If this is true, you have a decision to make. You must decide how important your business is to you and whether you’re willing to take full responsibility for it. If you conclude your business is your priority, you may have to make some sacrifices in other areas of your life to get your business on track and keep it there.

Emotional Immaturity

Finally, if you’re emotionally immature, that can negatively affect your business. Maybe you fail to recognize problems or simply ignore them rather than dealing with them, or perhaps you indulge in emotional outbursts rather than calmly handling whatever the day brings. Everyone melts down occasionally, but if you notice a pattern here, you may need to work on building emotional maturity.

An On-track Business

Your business can grow and flourish, but you must grow in your skills and as a person to keep it on track. Visit Ed Stillman’s website for more leadership ideas or to set up a consultation. (written by:

April 26th, Vistage Austin is hosting their Vistage Executive Summit at the AT&T Center. Here’s the link Austin 2022 Vistage Executive Summit

Forbes column to read: Why 2022 Is The Year Of Workplace Culture

Forbes on December 29, 2021, published this article by Caroline Castrillon. To me it aligns with what we in Vistage are all working on…WFH vs. BTO, culture trumps strategic planning, employee training and increasing our use of technology. I’ll also throw into the mix a “process triage” for many of my members.

  • Flexible work will become permanent
  • Connection will drive workplace culture
  • Employee development will become a priority
  • Technology will play a pivotal role in workplace culture

Ms. Castrillon highlights research from Glassdoor and Harvard studying employee preferences and workplace trends. She also explains how internal initiatives will impact how much effort you’ll have to spend on recruiting and retention. Definitely worth a read.

Three highlights I’m calling out from her article.

According to a new report from Glassdoor, the tight labor market trends will continue into 2022.

Caroline Castrillon, Forbes, Dec 2021

Employees need to feel appreciated to be satisfied and productive. By creating a workplace culture that celebrates recognition, companies will attract and retain top talent.

Caroline Castrillon, Forbes, Dec 2021

There is no question that the pandemic has given workers the upper hand over employers. And the need to build cohesive teams is greater than ever. So how can organizations win the talent war? By cultivating a workplace culture that engages, rewards and, most of all, inspires.

Caroline Castrillon, Forbes, Dec 2021