Is a Peer Advisory Group Right for You?


Austin Business Owners and CEOs of small to midsize businesses did you know that nearly 5% of all 2022 Inc. 5000 fastest growing small and midsize businesses are Vistage member companies. Would you like to be one of them?

Let’s find out if a Vistage peer group can help you turn your dreams into reality.

Ed Stillman

Austin Group Chair since 2006

Business growth and Ben Franklin’s first mastermind group

It’s fascinating to see the forethought Ben Franklin may have had when he was establishing the first group for sharing ideas.

Processing business issues links all the way back to Ben Franklin

It’s very heart-warming to see how our current approach to processing issues within my groups mirrors some of the same early concepts.

If this look into the first mastermind group inspires you as a business leader to start collaborating and sharing with your peers, register for this week’s event to experience our approach for yourself.

Ben Franklin’s Junto Club: Inside America’s first mastermind group 
Did you know that mastermind groups date back to America’s Founders? It’s true! Learn how Founding Father Benjamin Franklin built one of the first peer advisory groups and how many of his lessons still apply today.

Experience Vistage, upcoming event details

Join us this Friday for what I will call “A Taste of Vistage” and see if our journey aligns with your needs in being a better leader, making better decisions.

Unpopular Conversations

We were very fortunate in having Esther Weinberg, new Vistage Speaker conduct her workshop “Unpopular Conversations” to my Vistage Inside Branch Manager Group in September. Members and their leadership team were fully engaged and the timing was perfect with upcoming employee performance reviews and customer contracts being renewed. Esther’s intent was assisting attendees in becoming better prepared in handling low performing employees and dissatisfied customers.

Interesting to me was their committed action steps around 1. Engaging issues more quickly, 2. Having a predetermined intention vs. outcome, 3. Showing more appreciation, 4. Being sincere in helping employees become better, 5. Appreciating that clear conversations are kind and unclear conversations are unkind, 6.Key steps and process in staying firm with customers.

Esther Weinberg, The Ready Zone:

Vistage Austin with 200 members and 17 peer advisory groups are making a difference one member at a time. Please reach out to me if you would like to know more.

Ed Stillman