About Ed

After 50 years in business, I’m fully focused on Vistage and there are two things that make me unique.

  1. I’ve spent 7,000 hours in private conversations with CEOs.
  2. I’ve facilitated more than 600 meetings processing thousands of issues.

Best practices for every CEO experience

What this means to you is there is nothing I haven’t heard. In fact, my members tell me I am a walking collection of “Best Practices”.

ED Stillman

Now here’s my story. We moved to Austin in 1989. I retired from 3M in 2002, after 32 very successful years with a multinational corporation. I’ve been chairing since 2006 using my deep and diverse business experience coaching and mentoring Austin privately-owned senior executives, business owners, partners and their rising stars. Today 10 of my 16 members have been Vistage members for 5 or more years. Ruth Ann and I reside in West Austin and enjoy gardening, hunting, travel and golfing in our spare time. We are blessed with 2 daughters and now 7 grand children and look forward to traveling again.

Access a network of CEOs

As a Vistage Group Chairman, I facilitate a business owner and executive peer group with 17 members. As a life coach, I assist CEOs and aspiring leaders to be the best they can be. My goals are to further develop every participating member and enable them to take both themselves and their companies to the next level. As a one-on-one business and life balance coach, I provide insights and ask the tough questions to help my clients reach for higher levels of professional achievement and personal growth.

Vistage meeting group

Text or phone me at 512.422.6232 if you’re interested in learning more. Let’s zoom or meet for a cup of coffee, breakfast or lunch and see if one of our Austin Vistage sixteen peer-to-peer groups is a good fit for you and you for us.