Mid-year self-reflection for strong leadership

Are you willing to do a little self-reflection? Reflect on these 9 questions and see what the questions reveal about yourself. What changes are you willing to do between now and the end of 2021 to make you a better leader? Not sure where to start? Analyzing our individual habits and behaviors is a goodContinue reading “Mid-year self-reflection for strong leadership”

10 Truths About Marketing After the Pandemic

by Janet Balis A very interesting “Marketing” read for Small to Mid size company business owners. I especially like #2, #6 and #8. March 10, 2021  It’s safe to say that 2020 was a year like no other and that 2021 will certainly not revert back to the old normal. So, as marketers think aboutContinue reading “10 Truths About Marketing After the Pandemic”