7 steps for CEOs implementing a leadership development plan

Are you using a leadership development plan that follows the 70-20-10 model? Esteemed leadership coach, and frequent Vistage speaker, shared some insights for Vistage leaders in a recent interview. You can read the conversation in full, or I’ve called out some highlights below to get you started. You can also watch a new webinar recordingContinue reading “7 steps for CEOs implementing a leadership development plan”

5 Ways to Run Your Business Like an Elite Athlete and Push Through Tough Times

Learn the mindset techniques professional athletes use to maintain peak performance so you can scale your business. By Brianna Battles September 13, 2022 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. With inflation and interest rates on the rise, announcements of mass company-wide layoffs and ongoing uncertainty around supply chain issues, many small business owners wonder how to navigate the turmoil, stayContinue reading “5 Ways to Run Your Business Like an Elite Athlete and Push Through Tough Times”

The 10 essentials of scalability – Marc Emmer

Marc Emmer September 21, 2022 In my travels speaking to Vistage groups, I regularly ask members, “What is your top strategic priority?” Often the answer is scalability. Imagine that a gourmet chef opens an independent restaurant. His talent enables him to cook every night based on instinct, without the need for recipes or measuring. ButContinue reading “The 10 essentials of scalability – Marc Emmer”