Forbes column to read: Why 2022 Is The Year Of Workplace Culture

Forbes on December 29, 2021, published this article by Caroline Castrillon. To me it aligns with what we in Vistage are all working on…WFH vs. BTO, culture trumps strategic planning, employee training and increasing our use of technology. I’ll also throw into the mix a “process triage” for many of my members. Summarizing key trendsContinue reading “Forbes column to read: Why 2022 Is The Year Of Workplace Culture”

Mid-year self-reflection for strong leadership

Are you willing to do a little self-reflection? Reflect on these 9 questions and see what the questions reveal about yourself. What changes are you willing to do between now and the end of 2021 to make you a better leader? Not sure where to start? Analyzing our individual habits and behaviors is a goodContinue reading “Mid-year self-reflection for strong leadership”