Why Austin Leaders Choose Vistage

What can Vistage do for Small to Mid Size Business Owners in Austin, Texas?

• We work with high-performing CEOs who join Vistage because they want to connect with other CEOs to help them become better leaders and accelerate their company’s growth.

• Most CEOs have been highly successful, and that’s why they’re CEOs. What we’ve found is that many face unique challenges — they feel stuck in the weeds, isolated, or even unsure. We help solve those problems so that they can confidently make better decisions that deliver positive results both personally and professionally.

Ready to learn more? Visit our open event for Austin 2022 Executive Summit.

The 2022 Austin Vistage Executive Summit will be at the AT&T Center on April 26th. Registration links will be posted in early February.

How does a peer advisory group work?

• As a leader, you regularly make significant strategic decisions—often with little or unbiased input fro others. Imagine if you could bring those decisions to a group of other CEOs in a confidential, noncompetitive environment to get their perspectives and counsel to make the very best decision possible. That’s what happens in our peer advisory groups.

• We also know the power of outside perspectives and we bring world-class speakers and proprietary research to your meetings to help you bring new and innovative ideas into your business.

Lastly, your group is led by a senior business leader, a person we call a Chair, who acts as a personal mentor and coach to you. They will meet with you monthly in a one-to-one setting helping guide you to the best decisions possible.

The outcome: better leaders, making better decisions and delivering better results.

More details about the Vistage method

For more than 65 years, and working with more than 100,000 CEOs over that time, our entire business focus has been studying CEO performance. We have clearly identified that the highest performing CEOs—those who are consistently growing faster than their peers—are doing things differently than the rest. There are three things that separate them:

  • They step away from their day-to-day duties on a regular basis to think about and focus on their business, rather than in their business. They get out of the weeds and are able to focus on strategy. We’ve found once per month is optimal.
  • They connect with other leaders in like roles and share learnings to help each other make important, more informed decisions. They become better decision-makers and are more confident in the decisions they make.
  • They are constantly looking for outside perspectives for new and innovative ideas to bring into their businesses.

At Vistage, we help CEOs do these three things, and we know it works because we compared the growth of our member companies to that of similarly sized companies through D&B and our member companies grew, on average, 2.2x faster.