2017 Leadership Series – 2017-02 “CEO TOOLS & ANALYSIS”

It’s a new year, JANUARY 19TH, want to become reflective for 7 minutes? As the CEO, President, or Business Owner… The¬†Atlanta Journal-Constitution¬†asked 11 experts to grade Coca-Cola Chairman and CEO Doug Daft on several different topics using a 4.0 scale (A=4.0, F=0.0). The following worksheet was adapted from that article and includes their questions andContinue reading “2017 Leadership Series – 2017-02 “CEO TOOLS & ANALYSIS””

Choosing Vistage: Why Verses Who

When someone asks me WHY Vistage is the best place for them, there are a lot of ways I can answer. But honestly, it’s not my reason that matters. Each leader should know what they are looking for, or at least accept that they don’t know what they don’t know. So what I can answerContinue reading “Choosing Vistage: Why Verses Who”

…being your word

Successful leaders are over achievers in many ways yet they have a couple of traits that I have found over the past 5 years as a group chairman for Vistage International that stand out over their many other strengths. They are consistent in their management style with a reasonable control over their emotions and theyContinue reading “…being your word”