2023 Speaker Series & Events

Exclusive topics designed for Austin Business Community Owners and Business Executives

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If the below speaker content is of interest or could assist you or your leadership journey, please join us at one of our morning speaker workshop sessions.

Please contact Ed  to reserve your seat at our next meeting as part of our 2023 Speaker Series, the calendar of events is listed further below on the page.

There is no cost in being our guest, so come, meet what could be your advisory board that will make a difference and change your business and life forever.

2023 Speaker Series for CEO, Business Owner Group CE4943 in Austin


Our speaker workshops enable members to connect and gain insights from authors, content experts from around the country. Sessions last up to 3 hours with a group size of less than 20. My personal goal is that each attendee takes away one idea that is thought provoking.

My coaching clients share four traits:

  • They need to change.
  • They are wise enough to want to change.
  • They are energetic enough to change.
  • They want to be the best human being they can be.

Member and Guest goal

Walking away with at least one nugget will change the way you think, change your behavior for the better or change the way you do business. We will make you a better leader, making better decisions and increase your profitability and life balance.

2023 Speaker Series

  • January 18

    Klyn Elsbury “The Reset Formula: 3 Steps to Peak Performance

    Everyone faces “circumstances” that stand between them and their best life. It doesn’t matter how smart or how successful you are. We all believe we have internal and external factors that “limit” our options. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple internal process you could apply anytime, anywhere to remove these constraints, freeing you to have and do the things you always wanted but never thought possible?

  • April 19

    VistageAustin Member-Member Event – Norris Conference Center

    Morning Speaker Matt White “Right People, Right Jobs”

    Matt will ask members & guests to complete the 7 minute Culture Index survey and send it to their executive team, if they so choose. CE’s will receive hard copies of the data that Matt will use to deliver candid feedback. Members will learn how to apply behavioral analytics to drive revenue, profit and increase engagement and ROI within their leadership teams.

    Afternoon Speaker Jay Rifenbary “No Excuse: Incorporating Core Values, Accountability, and Balance into Your Life and Career”

    Members and Guests will have a greater understanding of the importance of consistency in behavior, decisiveness, and personal honesty which will only enhance an individual’s productivity and efficiency in the work place. Ultimately this contributes to the overall atmosphere and productivity of the organization.

  • May 17

    Peter DiGiammarino “How to use the WHAT-WHO-WHY method to reveal disconnects and align your team”

    Research shows that while business leaders agree that alignment is key to success, less <33% say that their top team is fully aligned across operating functions.

    The WHAT-WHO-WHY tool and method, developed from the experience a dozen CEOs and COOs (among them Vistage members), helped create billions in value for private, public, private equity owned, and venture capital backed companies.

    The WHAT-WHO-WHY Tool and Method are an important asset for every leader and team. Leaders who are clear about what they want use it to verify that everyone on their team is on board. Leaders in flux use it to engage their top team to help realign, fine-tune, or otherwise evolve what they are doing.

  • July 19

    Dan Quiggle “It Can Be Done: CEO of Self”

    A plaque bearing this inscription “It CAN Be Done!” sat on President Ronald Reagan’s desk in the Oval Office, symbolizing hope and optimism in the limitless potential of individuals who seek opportunity and freedom. Dan Quiggle will share lessons of leadership taught to him personally by Ronald Reagan during his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for President Reagan in his post-presidential staff office.

  • August 23

    Charles Bernard “The Well Organized Sales Campaign”

    The foundation of a well-organized sales campaign is a Sales PlayBook. During this workshop, we’ll discuss why building a customized Sales PlayBook can help inspire growth within your company. We’ll also examine the elements of a winning PlayBook and go over some tools you can use with your team to improve sales. And, you will discover why the effectiveness of your organization’s sales campaign can either promote or inhibit sales growth. Lastly, we’ll help you develop a plan for implementation.

  • October 18

  • November 8

    Hunter Lott “HR Roundtable 2022”: The New Normal

    If HR isn’t considered a profit center, then you’re doing it wrong! Strategize HR like a general going into battle…like a coach planning for the big game. Execute HR with flexibility…like Elastigirl, the Mom in the Incredibles movies. What got us here, will NOT get us there. For most of us, it’s not about going back to “normal,” but anticipating what’s next.

March 8th, June 14th, September 20th and December 13th are our All Day Executive Sessions for Members only.