2022 Speaker Series & Events

Exclusive topics designed for Austin Business Community Owners and Business Executives

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If the below speaker content is of interest or could assist you or your leadership team, please join us at one of our speaker workshop sessions.

Please contact Ed  to reserve your seat at our next meeting as part of our 2022 Speaker Series, the calendar of events is listed further below on the page.

There is no cost in being our guest, so come, meet what could be your advisory board that will make a difference and change your business and life forever.

2022 Speaker Series for Business Owner Group CE4943 in Austin


Our speaker workshops enable members to connect and gain insights from authors, content experts from around the country. Sessions last up to 3 hours with a group size of less than 20. My personal goal is that each attendee takes away one idea that is thought provoking.

My coaching clients share three traits:

  • They need to change.
  • They are wise enough to want to change.
  • They are energetic enough to change.

Member and Guest goal

Walking away with at least one nugget will change the way you think, change your behavior for the better or change the way you do business. We will make you a better leader, making better decisions and increase your profitability and life balance.

2022 Speaker Series

  • January 19

    Ark Rozental, “From Hello to Yes® – Digital Strategy for Strategy For Extraordinary Sales and Marketing Results”

  • Febuary 16

    Todd Musselman, “The Vital Choice – The Victim vs. The Ownership Mindset”

  • April 26

    Central Texas Vistage Executive Summit – AT&T Center with Joel Trammell, CEO, Author and Austinite as our Keynote Speaker

  • May 18

    Harvey Goldberg, “Mastering Triggers: Understanding What Makes You Tick…And What Ticks You Off.”

  • September 21

    Brian Burke, “LinkedIn Master Class – Executive Workshop to Optimize LinkedIn Engagement”

  • October 19

    Ruben Guzman, “Performance Management: Situational Leadership -Empowering Others to Reach Their Potential”

  • November 9

    David Friedman “How to Leverage Your Culture as a Strategic Competitive Advantage”

March 9th, June 15th, July 20th, August 17th and December 14th are our All Day Executive Sessions for Members only.