The Surprising Differences Between Productive and Extremely Productive People

A interesting article worth spending 5 minutes to scan, then read and ponder your own team, division, enterprise, or company employee behaviors and habits. Imagine if you productivity could double, triple or like Xerox increase 6 times… Extremely productive people are 3.5 times more likely to recover quickly when derailed from being productive, according toContinue reading “The Surprising Differences Between Productive and Extremely Productive People”

What Defines Greatness – Jim Collins

Jim Collins was our Keynote speaker at our January Chairworld convention at the Grand Hyatt in San Deigo. Collins has written 5 books and on that day in January provided 500 plus chairs from around the world with a view to his 12 questions on greatness. Here’s his set up… What Defines “Great” Before jumpingContinue reading “What Defines Greatness – Jim Collins”

Better Leaders, Better Teams, Less Stress

Had dinner with Bob Berk on May 16th at the Hotel Granduca , Vistage Group Chair from Chicago. He was in Austin conducting his Wednesday morning “Leadership” workshop for my business owner group 4943. Three hours plus a dinner is not enough time to be with this amazing and talented individual, leadership coach, father andContinue reading “Better Leaders, Better Teams, Less Stress”