What Defines Greatness – Jim Collins

Jim Collins was our Keynote speaker at our January Chairworld convention at the Grand Hyatt in San Deigo. Collins has written 5 books and on that day in January provided 500 plus chairs from around the world with a view to his 12 questions on greatness. Here’s his set up… What Defines “Great” Before jumpingContinue reading “What Defines Greatness – Jim Collins”

Better Leaders, Better Teams, Less Stress

Had dinner with Bob Berk on May 16th at the Hotel Granduca , Vistage Group Chair from Chicago. He was in Austin conducting his Wednesday morning “Leadership” workshop for my business owner group 4943. Three hours plus a dinner is not enough time to be with this amazing and talented individual, leadership coach, father andContinue reading “Better Leaders, Better Teams, Less Stress”

2017 Leadership Series – 2017-01

Entrepreneurs and Small to Mid Size Business Owners Welcome to 2017 It is my goal to bring you once every 2 weeks an article that will assist you in becoming a better leader, making better decisions and hopefully provide you a better balance between business commitments, personal relationships and your spiritual walk. 2017- January 12Continue reading “2017 Leadership Series – 2017-01”