The Blue Sky Prospecting List

I’m a big believer in developing systems, and nowhere is this more important that in the sales cycle. It’s not rocket science–but at the same time, I have yet to encounter a business owner that can truly articulate the number of suspects needed to generate prospects, and then how many prospects they need to closeContinue reading “The Blue Sky Prospecting List”

Book Review: QBQ! The Question Behind the Question

I recently read QBQ! The Question Behind the Question: Practicing Personal Accountability at Work and in Life by John G. Miller and I recommend it to eradicate “blame, complaining, and procrastination” from the workplace. The biggest takeaway for me was Miller’s assumption that today’s business culture lacks personal accountability, and that many people blame othersContinue reading “Book Review: QBQ! The Question Behind the Question”

Conducting Effective One-on-Ones

Most companies right now are pressing on increased revenue because of the economy–and we’re going to get through this just like every other downturn we’ve experienced in the past. Focusing on revenue production is the right path, but you must ensure that you’re getting maximum performance from your direct reports, and help keep their eyeContinue reading “Conducting Effective One-on-Ones”