Austin Business Owners: Cash is Still the King

Reading “The Road to Less Stupid” by Keith J. Cunningham, Author, keynote speaker and life time business leader. Keith and Sandra have lived in Austin for 50 years. Currently they are in Cabo enjoying ocean breeze, warm vs. hot weather and playing golf daily. I spoke with Keith yesterday about our current crisis and troublingContinue reading “Austin Business Owners: Cash is Still the King”

HR Leadership & COVID-19

Hunter Lott HR extraordinaire with 1500 Vistage workshops over his 26 years of added value content Zoomed into Austin this week for a May 20th 2 hour morning workshop. Highlights were: COVID-19 – follow CDC guidelines – you can’t get sued Behavior & Value Performance new norm- written Behavior Standard: “Maintain positive work environmentContinue reading “HR Leadership & COVID-19”