CEO Optimism for 2015

Vistage gathers quarterly insights from CEOs across the country. The Confidence Index for the end of 2014 had a positive view for this new year, but as always, there are some hot topics weighing heavy on the minds of American business leaders. If you’re not talking about tax policy and health reform, you probably shouldContinue reading “CEO Optimism for 2015”

What Does Your CEO Report Card Look Like?

Children aren’t the only ones getting grades these days. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution* recently asked 11 experts to grade Coke Chairman and CEO Doug Daft on several different topics using a 4.0 scale (A=4.0, F=0.0). The panel evaluated him on his mastery of 6 subject areas, grading him a C+ or 2.5 (grading outlined below). It’s hardContinue reading “What Does Your CEO Report Card Look Like?”