What Does Your CEO Report Card Look Like?

credit: http://www.causeplanet.org/

Children aren’t the only ones getting grades these days.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution* recently asked 11 experts to grade Coke Chairman and CEO Doug Daft on several different topics using a 4.0 scale (A=4.0, F=0.0). The panel evaluated him on his mastery of 6 subject areas, grading him a C+ or 2.5 (grading outlined below). It’s hard to ignore the irony of how our students are graded by school subject in this way for 16 or more years and we don’t seem to have a comparable standardized business practice.

As we move into 2015, and while you develop your AOP (annual operating plan), where might you spend some extra time in the personal development of your leadership team and yourself?

Why a report card for CEOs?

How would you grade yourself? How would others grade you?

Whether or not your business is heading toward success may be directly tied to how you see yourself verses how others see you. Plus, it sends a clear message as a leader.

  1. Transparency — shows you’re willing to ask for feedback and share your results.
  2. Dialog — when you share your score with your leadership team and hold theirs against yours, it should create a very meaningful and insightful discussion and clear cut direction for you
  3. Personal growth — provides a reality check of how you’re doing in your team’s view.
  4. Historical reference — It always feels good to see improvement and sometimes without a recorded metric you can’t see that you ARE making progress.

The real question is WHY NOT do a report card?

360 degree exercise for CEOs and Business Owners

This would be a very meaningful 360 exercise with your direct reports.

Whether you are a CEO, Owner, President, Managing Director, Department Manager or Supervisor, Team Leader maybe it’s time to re-focus on your own personal growth and team development and implement a similar grading system.

How to get started with Austin Vistage

There is a Vistage breakfast workshop January 21, that gives a great taste of how we work together to solve leadership challenges. Visit the event page for details or contact me.



For the past 8 years, I have been coaching 2 dozen Austin business owners and senior executives and facilitating monthly advisory peer group meetings. This template is a compelling baseline toward moving yourself from good to being a great leader.

As a leader, if you are overwhelmed, on a cone of a rocket ship with your revenue growth or just feeling lonely at the top and would like to share a cup of coffee, give me a call or text me at 512.422.6232. Our confidential conversation could be a life altering experience and assist you in establishing 2015 as your make-or-break year.


The Sample Report Card
found on Vistage.com

4.0  3.5  3.0  2.5  2.0  1.5  1.0  0.0

Has CEO set a clear strategic direction for the Company? Has the CEO communicated the direction effectively with Company’s various constituencies, including employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders? Has the Company responded positively to the direction set by CEO (as measured by results)?

4.0  3.5  3.0  2.5  2.0  1.5  1.0  0.0

Has CEO assembled a strong management team to implement the strategy? Has the CEO held direct reports accountable for performance? Has the CEO established an effective succession plan for top management?

Financial Performance ……..
4.0  3.5  3.0  2.5  2.0  1.5  1.0  0.0

How has Company performed under CEO when it comes to hitting financial targets, improving profitability and controlling costs? Does the CEO set realistic, aggressive financial goals for the Company? Does the CEO understand, measure and monitor overall Company financial performance?

4.0  3.5  3.0  2.5  2.0  1.5  1.0  0.0

Does Company have a strong sales and marketing plan and team in place? Have sales results met goals and expectations? Has sales training taken place and has it been effective? Have sales and marketing responding effectively to changing economic conditions?

Operational Performance ……..
4.0  3.5  3.0  2.5  2.0  1.5  1.0  0.0

How has Company performed under CEO when it comes to improving operational effectiveness, improving on-time performance and increasing operational efficiencies? Has the CEO developed a culture of continuous improvement?

4.0  3.5  3.0  2.5  2.0  1.5  1.0  0.0

Does the CEO foster a customer-focused approach to Company innovation?

Has Company introduced enough new products or services to address the changing needs of customers? Is the Company considered “innovative” within their industry?

The full article with the report card details in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is for subscribers only. Unfortunately it is not an available link. 

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