“How Great Leaders Inspire Action” or Strategic Planning 101:

Most often it starts with an idea, than you chose a small group of people who have same or similar dreams as you. As a team, you collaborate and share your thoughts, feelings, and fears on what you believe and don’t believe so that you will make a decision to join together because of what you all believe. IfContinue reading ““How Great Leaders Inspire Action” or Strategic Planning 101:”

How do your Customers rate your Customer Service?

A travel story that could have turned 100 plus tired and frustrated customers into a nightmare for Southwest Airlines. Blogging, emailing, 1-2-1’s throughout the week on how bad their service is/was…all turned around by an email that was there in the morning before I could go viral. WOW From: Ed Stillman [mailto:ed.stillman@vistage.com] Sent: Wednesday, MarchContinue reading “How do your Customers rate your Customer Service?”

Forward Facing Dashboards

Forward Facing Dashboards (FFD)… Start with measureable weekly activities according to Dan Barnett, CEO and Owner of The Primavera Company. His workshop on Make or Break Execution: The Core of Success starts with the question “What causes your sales to happen?” After a 30 year career with Pillsbury, Nestle and Vistage International, Barnett is passionateContinue reading “Forward Facing Dashboards”