Leaders #1 role is to be a “great” Coach

Stumbled onto a recent HBR article on leadership and the importance for high-potential leaders to master the art of coaching. Which to me translates in to asking questions and transferring the decision-making to your direct reports. When we as leaders make the decisions, our employees have a a fall back that it was ours, andContinue reading “Leaders #1 role is to be a “great” Coach”

CEO health tip: Act more like an animal

Vistage speaker and internationally renowned nutrition and fitness expert Dan Miller has coached hundreds of CEOs on how to live a longer, better, happier life. Throughout all that coaching, he’s noticed a concerning trend: Most CEOs forget to take care of their health. “They sacrifice their health for the sake of their business,” says Miller,Continue reading “CEO health tip: Act more like an animal”

Ever wondered what are the top qualities for a successful leader?

15 Leadership Qualities That Make Good Leaders Want to become a great leader? Here are fifteen leadership qualities that can make you a good to great leader. Honesty and integrity Confidence Inspire Others Commitment and Passion Good Communicator Decision Making Capabilities Accountability Delegation and Empowerment Creativity and Innovation Empathy Resilience Emotional Intelligence Humility Transparency Vision andContinue reading “Ever wondered what are the top qualities for a successful leader?”