Austin Vistage Summit Webinar – April 6th 9am

Management in a crisis is not easy — and this pandemic is unusually difficult — but it is possible. Austin firms and leaders that handle it well will come out stronger on the other side. Toward that end, the Austin Chair community is hosting a free Austin Business Community webinar on April 6th from 9am toContinue reading “Austin Vistage Summit Webinar – April 6th 9am”

ITR Economics offers CEOs the following advice

Our Austin Vistage Executive Summit scheduled for April 6th has been cancelled. One of our keynote speakers was flying in from Boston. ITR Economics has been our eyes and ears as we as business owners, presidents and CEO’s “…look around the corner” for that next opportunity. Excellent article on getting ahead of the curve. AlexContinue reading “ITR Economics offers CEOs the following advice”

Barry Deutsch Workshop – February 19th Austin Texas Invitation

Author of “Your Not the Person I Hired” Barry Deutsch will be in Austin the morning of February 19th for a 3 hour workshop focusing on hiring, on boarding, screening and sourcing your next hire. Talent acquisition has us all in Austin spending too many hours, vetting too few qualified candidates. My Vistage 4943Continue reading “Barry Deutsch Workshop – February 19th Austin Texas Invitation”