The Five Rules to Improve Cash Flow 2017-03 Stephen King, Houston CPA Firm

   GrowthForce LLC 800 Rockmead Drive Suite 200, Houston Phone 281.358.2007 Fax 281.358.4120 The 2017 Leadership Series moves to accounting and finance. As Red Scott, CEO of TEC/VISTAGE Florida said for many years – CASH ISN’T CASH UNLESS IT’S CASH. Business Owners – Stephen King, a 17 year Vistage member and Vistage Speaker reviewsContinue reading “The Five Rules to Improve Cash Flow 2017-03 Stephen King, Houston CPA Firm”

Workshop Recap: Culture Trumps Everything

  Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky was in Austin and conducted 3 workshops for Vistage members last week. His talks are on Culture and Gen Y. We get the culture we deserve and anything that influences behavior impacts the culture of the organization. My 3 Take-Aways Create focus for your business with a cause If you don’tContinue reading “Workshop Recap: Culture Trumps Everything”

July Poll: Where is the power in your org?

Leading up to our next speaker, I invite you to share about your organization by answering this poll. August 16, Ian McDougall will be covering what it takes to be a great company and taking a look at organization life cycles. Learn how organizations grow; why they die and what to do about this. ToContinue reading “July Poll: Where is the power in your org?”