Cindy Richter, Vanguard Fire & Security 2019 Vistage Lifetime Award Winner

Austin, Texas 2020– Vistage, the world’s largest CEO coaching and peer advisory organization for small and midsize businesses, on April 6th announced that Cindy Richter is the recipient of the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award. The Vistage Lifetime Achievement Award honors the achievements and ongoing commitment to learning and development of a longstanding Vistage member. TheseContinue reading “Cindy Richter, Vanguard Fire & Security 2019 Vistage Lifetime Award Winner”

Learning Leadership 2017_04 The Five Fundamentals

Learning Leadership – The Five Fundamentals                                       By James Kouzes, Barry Posner Steve Brody, Houston Master Chair has noted in bold suggested questions from the authors to turn these ideas into practical exercises & coaching conversations. My thoughts will look like this..; The Five Fundamental Areas include: Believe you can Aspire to excel ChallengeContinue reading “Learning Leadership 2017_04 The Five Fundamentals”

What would be your Cardinal Rules for Leadership?

Earlier this year, I asked that question to Houston based Steve Brody, a Group Chairman, affiliated with Vistage International’s Keepers of the Flame what would make his list. He started with “…fail often and quick then debrief and learn from your mistakes, refine your process and move forward.” Why do you as entrepreneurs risk everythingContinue reading “What would be your Cardinal Rules for Leadership?”